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Guild Description:
Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
Guild Mission:
To gather together Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Studios for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, techniques, and strategies for promoting our Artfire Studios.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Breast Cancer/Domestic Violence Intervention Fundraiser October Event

The Ajdjss Guild is having a Fundraiser Event in support of Breast Cancer Research and Domestic Violelnce Intervention for the entire month of October. The participating guild studios will donate a % of all their sales for this entire month.

Our slide show showcases some of the fabulous items that are being sold for this event.
Just click on a studio on the list below to visit a participating studio so you can see all the items for sale for this event.
Want to donate without purchasing an item? Click on the "Donate Now" button and make your donation with the name of the cause you are donating to.

List of participationg Ajdjss Guild Studios to visit by clicking on the name:




CreationsWith Heart










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The Ajdjss Guild

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Featured Studio: ExquisiteStudios

This week it is a real pleasure to be able to feature one of our most versatile guild members-"ExquisiteStudios" aka Emily.

I'd like to say right up front that Emily is one of our most active members. She is always in the forums promoting her fellow guild members. She is there to share her thoughts on our ning site and she is always kind, pleasant, and positive in what she says. Emily, I always enjoy reading your posts. It is really quite nice to have you as part of our guild.

Emily has been crafting from an early age when she didn't even know what crafting was. The bug for crafting really took hold of Emily when she was in High School when she took a floral design class.

From that time on she began to experiment by working with different innovative and creative mediums. It seems that Emily is very adventurous when it comes to crafting because she says, "there's not much that I won't try."

Some of the crafts that she has tried are drawing, jewelry design (stringing and wire wrapping) creating with wire, creating with glass, and creating with grout. Now, I guess you can see why I said that she is one of our most versatile members of the guild.

Here's some of the special items that she has made:

Jewelry Design

Creations with Wire

Creations with Glass and With Grouting

I think it is easy to see that Emily is definitely having fun using her many different crafting skills. Way to go Emily!!!

Take a few moments and visit "ExquisiteStudios" so you can see for yourself how versatile and creative our Emily is!
Have any questions for Emily? Well, then contact her through her studio:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coming In October--A Very Special Guild Promotion

Each of the above causes are very important and worthy causes. To help support the wonderful work that is done for these causes the Ajdjss Guild will be having a promotion that will ultimately lead to donating a portion of our sales to each of these causes.
Our blog will be having a slideshow to showcase a number of special pink and purple items that we hope will be sold so that a portion of the sale will be donated to these causes.

Our shops will each have a special Breast Cancer and/or Domestic Violence Awareness Section that will have a number of pink and purple items also for donating a portion of the sales.

This special promotion will be going on for the entire month of October. At the end of the month all the sales will be tallied so that each guild studio will know the portion of the sales that they will be donating.

There will also be a "Donate Now" button, here on our blog, for those of you who would like to donate to these very worthy causes without purchasing an item from our guild studios.

In conclusion, we of the Artfire Jewelry Design Jewelry Supply Guild, ask that you help make this a successful promotion.

Thanks for your help to support Breast Cancer Research and a Domestic Violence Intervention Centers.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Featured Studio: Creatively Jeweled

This weeks featured studio is Creatively Jeweled aka Marilyn. Marilyn has filled her beautiful studio with her original jewelry creations that "speaks of feminine beauty and romance".
How can one not be immediately curious about the jewelry for sale in this
studio after that announcement? I for one was "hooked" by this and had to look at each lovely piece with a smile on my face.

As you look at the many necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in this studio you can't miss seeing that Marilyn loves to create her pieces with gemstones, lampwork beads and sparkling Swarovski crystals . She says that her passion for creating feminine and romantic jewelry is fueled by the calming feel of polished gemstones and the sparkle of the world's finest crystals made by Swarovski. Now, I have some surprising news to share with you about Marilyn. Can you believe that she is actually a technical wiz who is currently unemployed? Who'd of thought that such a talented artisan was also a tech wiz--especially when she has such a wonderful way with colors and creative designs.
Give yourself a special treat and visit this studio filled with jewelry that "speaks of feminine beauty and romance".
Btw, this artisan welcomes custom orders.
If you have any questions for Marilyn about her jewelry, please contact her through her studio:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Autumn Leaves Challenge

The challenge was made and the entries are in. We have 13 fabulous versions of what our members felt represented "Autumn Leaves". Each one is a masterpiece, however, only 5 will be entered in the public vote here as of October 2nd.
Make sure you caste your vote on our ning site--http://artfirejass.ning.com in the forum under the "Autumn Leaves" post.
Good luck to all the entries--although you have proven that you are winners from your creations already.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Featured Studio: CatinalifeCreations

Our Ajdjss Guild featured studio this week is Catinalife Creations aka Joy. And I must say that it is quite a "joy" to visit this studio. The banner is so cute and there are so many beautiful pieces of jewelry to "feast your eyes" on!

Joy claims to be a "beadaholic and a rock fossil hound" who just "loves the gemstones". Over the years she has collected quite a number of gemstones and glass that she uses for her jewelry designs.

It is easy to see that creating new jewelry designs is a favorite activity of Joy's.
Her many lovely designs include gemstones, crystals, lovely glass pieces and even wire that is whimisically wrapped. Each of her pieces are fashionable, affordable, and always unique.
You can see that Joy takes much pride in making jewelry that is simple, but lovely, and can be worn for everyday activities. It is her goal for her customers to feel good about wearing her jewelry everyday and for years to come. She feels that everyone should be able to have gemstone jewelry to wear and that is why she strives to create jewelry that is lovely and affordable. After browsing through "Catinalife Creations" it definitely is evident that she has certainly achieved all this.

Btw, Joy is a jewelry designer that has a great deal of integrity. She pledges to provide her customers with the highest quality product that she is capable of producing. She also pledges to provide them with excellent service, and to conduct her business in an honest, ethical and socially responsible manner.
It has been a personal pleasure for me as "guild master" to have Joy as a member of the Ajdjss Guild. Not only because of her business integrity and artistic skill but also because she has proven to be quite helpful to other members in a very positive and supportive way. She is quite active on the forums promoting other members and keeps herself involved with the "goings on" of our guild.
Thank you Joy for all that you are and all that you do. You are totally appreciated.
Please visit "Catinalife Creations"--you will find it quite a "joy" to browse through all the lovely jewelry pieces here.
You can reach Joy through her studio if you have any questions--custom orders are more than welcomed!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Featured Studio: Supply Closet

This weeks featured studio is "Supply Closet" aka Amy. This is a wonderfully stocked studio with all sorts of great beads and findings for the jewelry designer or for anyone who works with beads in their creations.

You will find glass, semi-precious, copper, sterling silver, and so many other kinds of beads to choose from here.

There are also some really nice focal semi-precious and glass beads for sale.

A wonderful selection of base metal, copper, gold filled , and sterling silver findings are also here to choose from.

Amy comes from a family of crafters from her parents to her grandparents. So, it's not surprising to know that Amy has been crafting since she was a child. She has tried a number of different crafts through the years. Recently she has been drawn to jewelry and glasswork and has become addicted like many of us to beading. The "Supply Closet" is actually an outgrowth of her beading and crafting passion. It is an opportunity for Amy to share her unique finds to help fuel the passion of creating in others.
Do yourself a favor and check out this wonderfully stocked supply studio.
If you have any questions for Amy please contact her through her studio: