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Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
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To gather together Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Studios for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, techniques, and strategies for promoting our Artfire Studios.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ajdjss Guild "Autumn Leaves" Challenge Public Vote

The challenge: "Create an item that best represents the theme "Autumn Leaves"--

Well, the challenge was made and our Ajdjss guild members created the their own best representation of "Autumn Leaves".

Fourteen different interpretations of this theme were created. Each a winner on it's own. Congratualstions to each of the 14 artisans for their wonderful entries.

The entries were posted annonymously on our ning site for a guild wide vote and once again this was not an easy endeavor. However, even in angst the vote was made.

The votes were cast, the count was made, and 14 fabulous entries were narrowed down to only 4. Yes, it was not an easy endeavor but we did it.

Now, congratulations are in order for the artisans of the final 4 items.

Well, that's our "background" story--fast forward to the now--

Below you will find the 4 most voted for representations of "Autumn Leaves", and it is now everyones turn to Vote for the entry that you feel best represents the theme "Autumn Leaves".

Thank you all for your vote and supporting the Ajdjss Guild Challenge--We are so appreciative of this gesture.

The entries:

Entry #1
Entry #2
Entry #3
Entry #4