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Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
Guild Mission:
To gather together Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Studios for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, techniques, and strategies for promoting our Artfire Studios.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Featured Studio: WillowWalkerDesigns

This week we are featuring "Willow Walker Designs" also known as Pamela. This is a Ajdjss guild studio that is filled with "Mystical Treasures", lovely and uniquely designed jewelry that combines color, glass, wire, and sparkly stuff.

Pamela the Jewelry Artisan and owner of "Willow Walker Designs" is proud of being a 2nd generation glass artist and teacher who actually began working with stained glass at only 8 years old. Amazing!!!
Pamela admits to always being fascinated with colorful, shiny, and sparkly things and this fascination seemed to naturally lead to her creating beautiful and unique dichroic fused glass jewelry.

Pamela loves to use wire to set her handcrafted glass pieces. She feels that the more she explores wire wrapping as an art medium the more she is fascinated with it and it's endless possibilities.

When you visit "Willow Walker Designs" it is almost impossible not to immediately be in awe of all the fabulous handicrafted pieces showcased there. The colors are beautiful and they sparkle brilliantly at you.

Let's take a peek at some of these "Mystical Treasure" now:

FYI, all glass fusing, wire wrapping and bead work are created by Pamela. The glass is digitally fired for sturdy, properly annealed pieces. All pieces are carefully and lovingly handcrafted in a smoke free, pet friendly environment using high quality materials~~~Pamela will gladly convert any dangle earring to leverbacks or for non-pierced ears, any dangles to clips.
You are invited to visit this guild studio that showcases these "mystical treasures" and please leave a comment in support of this highly talented artisan at the end of this article.
If you have any questions for Pamela please contact through her studio:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Featured: Vintage Findings and More

Our featured studio of the week is "Vintage Findings and More" aka Linda.
"Vintage Findings and More" has the distinction of being one of two of the only supply shops in the Ajdjss Guild that showcases vintage and vintage style findings, beads, cameos, settings, pendants, filigrees, stampings, and charms.
I must admit that I just love browsing through this studio so very much because recently I have found myself in "a vintage state of mind". And not because I am 6 decades old.
What fun it is to look at some of the lovely, romantic, and charming jewelry supplies for creating vintage inspired jewelry.
Hey, that 's not all that is found in this wonderful studio. There are also some beautiful beads and even gemstones to discover here. So you really don't have to be in "a vintage state of mind" to shop here.
Linda, who has been a hairdresser for 30 years has been creating jewelry for about 4 years now. She says that she is very fortunate to be able to do all the creative things that she loves. And, she admits that she really loves hunting for beautiful beads and findings, being able to create with them, and being able to share them with other jewelry creators to use for their own masterpieces.
Enough said--let's feast our eyes on some of the treasures showcased in this studio:

Btw, "Vintage Findings and More" has just announced new shipping rates so get over there and check it out.
Have any questions for Linda? Contact her through her enchanting studio:
As always, you are invited to leave a comment at the end of this article.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Featured: Ctbydonna

This week the Ajdjss Guild is pleased to feature "Ctbydonna" or "Creative Treasures" aka Donna.
This is a studio with designs that have a little romance, femininity, and rustic charm about them.
Donna is a true artisan. She is both a jewelry designer and a metal smith.
Ten years ago she began making jewelry as a hobby and as a strategy for stress relief. Donna says, " My day job can be very stressful at times, and pounding on a piece of wire in the evening seems to make things better".
(I'm so glad to hear that she's not pounding on her head :o) LOL ).

Anyway, after a time making jewelry became more than a hobby for her, it actually became a passion--as many us well know.
Some of Donna's favorite materials for her creations are wire ( sterling silver and copper), gemstones, crystals, and all kinds of beads.
This jewelry artisan really loves what she does and has a strong desire to create "exquisite pieces" that can be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. Donna's strong creating spirit comes straight from of her heart.
Donna comes from the beautiful state of Arizona where the beautiful Rockie Mountains, Grand Canyon, and desert are strong influences for her south western designs.

With all that said let's take a look at some of the fabulous pieces that are showcased in "Ctybydonna":

Don't you just love all the fabulous wire work?

Hey, there's alot more to feast your eyes on so get over and spend a few minutes visiting:

And don't forget to leave a comment for Donna about her studio...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Featured: Julies_Jewels

This week we go "Down Under" for our featured studio of the week--"Julies_Jewels" aka as Julie.
Julies_Jewels is a wonderful studio with so many different beaded creations from necklaces and earrings to lanyards and cell phone charms. You will even find a wonderful beaded necklace for a man.
Julie likes to create her special creations with a variety of beads: sterling silver, lampwork, gemstones, polymer clay, crystals, Czech glass, pearls, Tensha, vintage lucite, and more.
She also enjoys using a wide variety of metals: sterling silver, gold filled, pewter, copper, silver plate, and gold plate.
Julie's creation are for all kinds of customer tastes and for a variety of price ranges.

When you buy something from Julies_Jewels you can be assured that it is made from the finest materials and the highest standards of workmanship.

Need a custom order? Well, Julie will be more than pleased to create it for you.

Now let's take a few minutes to feast our eyes on some of the fabulous creations found in this wonderful studio all the way from "Austalia":

You are invited to visit "Julies_Jewels" to enjoy all the wonderful creations showcased there and to leave a comment for Julie.
Also, please join us in showcasing Julie's creations on artfire here: