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Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Featured: Summer Flowers

Memorial day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. It is also the "unofficial" start of summer. So to honor all the men and women who have died in our nation's service and to celebrate the onset of summer the Ajdjss guild features it's many floral jewelry supplies and it's many floral jewelry designs.

Beads by Haffina

Gravel Road Jewelry

All Earrings and Supplies

Kats All That Artisan Jewelry



Exquisite Studios

deStash Not Trash

Libertydoll Creations

Beadlady5 Designs

These are just a small taste of the lovely floral jewelry supplies and jewelry designs from the Ajdjss guild. Visit our studios for more beautiful summer florals.
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Ajdjss Guild said...

Part of the beauty of summer are the fabulous flowers. They look lovely, they smell lovely, and have the power to brighten up our day.

ttyl, margo :o)

Rouge River Beads said...

Great picks! I just love the variety and femininity that flowers add to a piece. Endless possibilities!

La Bella Luna Jewelry said...

Hooray for summer!
Florals are a nice way to get into the spirit!

KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Summertime flowers pop with fabulous color. Roses are in full bloom and filling the air with their wonderful scent....just as the AJDJSS members fill our sites with wonders of beauty and creativity.

Must-Haves Jewelry said...

Beautiful flowers are a wonderful inspiration. Time to put some color in my designs. Fabulous items that are pictured!

libertydoll said...

There is alot of nice floral beads, pendants, jewelry designs and more all offered by our wonderful guild.

I absolutely love flowers and I am tickled your promoting this theme!

Anonymous said...

WOW - those are all beautiful designs and supplies

WillowWalker said...

Lovely picks!

Jeni said...

Love those cherries Haffina! They are adorable. :)