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Guild Description:
Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
Guild Mission:
To gather together Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Studios for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, techniques, and strategies for promoting our Artfire Studios.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Featured Studio: Pixie Dust Fineries

This weeks featured guild studio of the week is "Pixie Dust Fineries" aka Trish.
Pixiedustfineries is a studio that is filled with a lovely selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Trish loves to create jewelry pieces that are classic with a modern twist.
She really enjoys designing jewelry that is great for everyday wear and yet fancy enough to wear for a special occassion. Great pride is taken in her designs and therefore she uses only the best materials available and there gives a great deal of attention to every detail of a piece with the utmost care.
Trish loves the look of Swarovski crystals and tries to incorporate these sparkling beads in her creations.

Here are some of the lovely pieces found in "Pixiedustfineries":

Pixiedustfineries has a special section for jewelry to support a number of very worthy causes such as Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Multiple Sclerosois, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and more.

Here is some of the Awareness Jewelry found in Pixiedustfineries:

There is also a wonderful section for bridal jewelry too:

Trish began her "career" in jewelry design after leaving her job for health reasons. Christmas was coming and she was concerned about how she was going to manage giving gifts to her family.
When she was in a craft store she found some free jewelry making brochures and after reading a few she decided that she was going to try creating jewelry for gifts.
Being a crafter for years--ceramics, sewing, knitting, crocheting, macrame, and more--she knew that she would be able to create pieces of jewelry. And now jewelry design and creation has become her most passionate hobby.

Please take a few moments to visit 'Pixiedustfineries' to experience for yourself all the lovely pieces that this "Passionate" Jewelry Designer has created.
Leave a comment here in support of Trish and her wonderful studio.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Featured Studio:

This week's featured guild studio has a pleasant and lovely name--
"PinkCloudsandAngels" aka Peggi. It is also a pleasant and lovely studio filled with a wide variety of fabulous handmade items. There are pieces of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, as well as, watches, eyeglass holders, lanyards, rosary's, and even some men's jewelry. This is definitely a great studio for buying a gift for any special occassion.

Peggi is a true crafter. Among her many talents are knitting and crocheting, taught to her by her grandmother, dollmaking, ceramics, macrame, drawing, and of course jewelry creation. But, like all of us jewelry designers Peggi is quite passionate about creating jewelry and it has been her favorite hobby for years now. In short, she loves making jewelry.

Peggi has quite a bit of integrity when it comes to her work and selling. She gives each piece of jewelry that she creates the same attention to detail no matter what price the piece is. It is her policy to never inflate prices, and you can be assured that each piece is of the highest quality. She takes great pride in her creations so if a customer is not satisfied there will be a full refund given for the return of the item.
She also likes to get to know her customers and it is also her policy to provide top of the line customer service.
Peggi is a veteran when it comes to selling on line. For 5 years she has been a member of eBay with a 100% Positive Feedback that she is very proud of. However, she recently closed down her eBay business because the high fees that were involved.

Peggi is married with 2 grown children and a beautiful grandchild. She also has 2 "fur babies" named Jack and Harley.
Please take a few moments to visit and enjoy all the wonderful items that are found in "pinkcloudsandangels".
Also take a moment to give Peggi some of your fabulous feedback by commenting here.
Btw, Custom Orders are welcome.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Featured Studio: Jewels Out Of Time--PegM

This weeks featured studio is "Jewels Out of Time" aka PegM. This is a studio that is filled with lovely handmade jewelry as well as beads and pendants.
According to Peg the name of her studio came about when she had a booth along with her husband in an antique shop in York, PA. Most of the items in the booth were vintage and Peg thought of them as gems from the past.
So that thought "morfed" into "Jewels Out of Time".

Peg admits to being a "manic bead collector"--Hmmm that surely sounds quite familiar, doesn't it? Peg, you are definitely in good company here at the Ajdjss Guild--LOL!
Since 1996 Peg has been buying beads and making jewelry. So, what started this "manic" behavior? It seems that Peg went to an estate auction and couldn't resist buying 3 one gallon bags--yep, you read it right--3 one gallon bags of vintage glass and crystal necklaces. Oh boy, talk about a lot of beads!
This purchase certainly kept her busy with sorting this "cache". There was jewelry that was intact and there was lots of jewelry in need of repairs. Most of the repairs were badly needed restringing and lengthening. So now Peg had a real mission. She was in need of jewelry supplies and tools for the job and a jewelry book to teach her what she had to do. And that is how this "manic" collecting of beads started.
Peg admits that her home studio "runneth over" with beads. Beads that have been bought in shops and at shows locally and in her travels from Maine to Wyoming.

Here are some of the lovely handmade jewelry pieces in "Jewels out of Time".

And here are some of the fabulous beads and pendants found in "Jewels Out of Time":

Now, is a great time to stop by "Jewels Out of Time" to see the lovely pieces of jewelry and beads found here because all the necklaces have been reduced in price by 15% for the Artfire "HoliDeals" promotion. Now that is a great deal.

Come for a visit and leave a comment for PegM:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Featured Studio: JewelrybyJanzia

This weeks featured studio is "JewelrybyJanzia" aka Jeanette. This is a studio that definitely "warms the cockles" of my heart when I go for a visit there. Why you ask? Well it is a studio that is filled with an lovely array of eclectic handmade designs from the simple to the sublime. This is something that I truly can identify with. I too am an eclectic jewelry designer! Way to go Jeanette!!!

Here are some of the lovely eclectic designs found in Jewelry by Janzia "from the simple to the sublime":

Each piece that Jeanette creates is unique and lovely. This studio is filled with creations that can you can wear with your comfy jeans or something that you can wear to accent that little black dress.

Jeanette became interested in Jewelry Design and Creation after finding out that a pair of earrings that she complimented was made by that person's daughter. With the idea that one can actually create their own earrings she began to read up about Jewelry Making.
Her first creation was given as a gift to her mom and her first sale was to her neighbor. So this is how it all began and has been blossoming ever since because like most of us in the Ajdjss Guild--Jeanette is now addicted to creating jewelry of all styles "from the simple to the sublime".

On the personal side Jeanette is a "stay at home mom" with 2 children, 2 dogs, and a very supportive husband. Hey, this surely "warms the cockles" of my heart too. Thank goodness that Jeanette is addicted to jewelry making because it is calming and quite therapuetic and one needs this with 2 kids and 2 dogs.
Don't forget to take a few moments to visit "JewelrybyJanzia" to see for yourself how lovely and eclectic Jeanettes Jewelry designs are.
Btw, custom orders are very welcome here.