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Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
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To gather together Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Studios for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, techniques, and strategies for promoting our Artfire Studios.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Ajdjss Guild Earring Challenge

Our first guild challenge was a success not to mention alot of fun. We had 10 different antique brass and turquoise "funky" earrings entered in this challenge and each one was a unique, original, creative, and funky design. Voters did not have an easy time in picking just one favorite. But, after some agony to decide voters came through and were able to pick their favorite funky pair of earrings.

The tally was made for the voting and we came up with the most voted for earrings, the very close 2nd most voted for earrings, and a tie for the 3rd most voted earrings.

The most voted pair of earrings was created by Jeweljunke "the awesome masks", the close 2nd most voted pair of earrings were created by JSmaz "the awesome filigree wrapped turquoise drops", and the tie for the 3rd most voted pair of earrings were created by Gemkitty " the awesome daisy chandeliers" and by Beadlady5 "the awesome etched dangling hoops with a rose and dragonfly charms".

Kudos to all the jewelry designers for creating such fabulous funky earrings for this challenge.
And a special congratulations to Jeweljunke, Jsmaz, Gemkitty, and Beadlady5.

Each of the studios with the most voted earrings will receive a special gift certificate for jewelry supplies graciously donated by our own guild supply shops: SupplyCloset, StarlightSilver, RougeRiverBeads, and RougeRiverBeads.

In short: You guys Rock like crazy!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Featured Studio of the Week: popnicute

This week's Ajdjss Guild featured studio of the week is "popnicute" aka Kay. Kay has been an arts and crafts fanatic since she was a little girl. She has experimented with many different art forms during her "growing up" years. This love of art led her to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. Well, kudos to you Kay!

Kays says that jewelry has always fascinated her. When she wears a piece of jewelry it has to be something she feels is really unique. In fact, she often makes a piece of jewelry that is so very unique just to be much different than anyone else. I guess she has a little bit of the "rebel" in her.

Kay's jewelry techniques run the full gamet from stringing, paper clay, fabrics to quite recently wire wrapping. However, it seems that wire wrapping has become a great passion for her. She is so passionate about wire wrapping that this technique is what will be dominating the designs that appear in her studio today and in the future.

Kay's talents do not just revolve around making jewelry alone. She seems to be quite a good teacher and has made some great tutorials for others to learn how to make fabric bracelets and a special wire wrapped toggle. When you visit her studio you will find these interesting tutorials for sale along with her unique and fabulous jewelry creations.
Kay invites you to visit her etsy shop: http://popnicute.etsy.com/ and also to view her complete jewelry collection on Flickr.com and deviantArt.com
She also has a jewelry blog: http://kaysommers.blogspot.com/ that she invites you to follow.
Any questions about popnicute and her work? Please contact here through her studio:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ajdjss Guild Challenge

The Ajdjss Guild placed a challenge to all artfire jewelry designers to create the funkiest pair of antique brass and turquoise earrings that they can.
Well, this challenge ran for 3 full days and now has ended. At this time voting for the funkiest entry is happening until June 28th at midnight, EST.
Join in the fun and cast your vote on this thread:

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and vote for your favorite pair of earrings.
ta, ta for now---Margo aka Beadlady5

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our June Giveaway Winner Speaks

Here is the email I received from Swati our Ajdjss Guild Blog June Giveaway:

YAY!!!...i can't believe i actually won something.....i have been entering giveaways for a long time, but this is the first time i have actually won something.....this is like the happiest day of my lil' jewelry obsessed life.....thank you so much....i will definitely tell all my friends about your guild.

It's really exciting because Swati lives in India--I just love knowing that someone from India actually entered our blog giveaway--it's really so cool!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Have A Winner

The Ajdjss Guild is very pleased to announce that we have a winner for our 1st Blog giveaway "Rock Red". All our wonderful guild gifts will be given to "noble beeyotch" aka Swati. We all wish a huge congratulations to Swati for winning our giveaway. We hope that you will enjoy your gifts from the Ajdjss Guild. Thanks to all our other entrants for taking the time to join in on our giveaway and made it a sucess for us. Now don't forget to check back with us by July 1st for our next Ajdjss Guild Blog giveaway. We hope to see your comments on our blog once again and more...
Posted by beadlady5 at 8:17 PM

beadlady5 said...
WooHoo!!! This giveaway was quite a sucess. We had 11 entrants--I am soooooo very pleased for all the promoting that our guild members did for this giveaway--Way to Go Ajdjss Guild members!ta,ta margo :o)
June 21, 2009 8:23 PM
Shell said...
Alright! We are rockin! Congrats to our first winner!
June 21, 2009 8:32 PM

Feartured Studio of the Week: Royal Designs

I am pleased to announce that this week's featured studio is "Royal Designs" aka Holly.

Although beading can be a very time consuming, quite thought provoking, and also a frustrating endeavor, Holly admits that she really just loves it. She is "driven" to continue to work on a new creation until she feels that it is perfect in her eyes. There have been a number of times when she has just stopped working on a new piece because she just can't find the right "rthym", but thank goodness this rarely happens. Holly truly feels that she will not offer anything for sale unless she loves it and would wear it herself. Well, kudos to you darlin'.

Holly has been designing jewelry since she was a teenager which I really find amazing. She worked in a local store making necklaces out of plastic beads. Well, she certainly has come a long way since those plastic bead creations. Holly's jewelry designs are now made up of Swarovski and Czech crystals, semi precious stones, Swarovski crystal pearls, freshwater pearls, sterling silver, gold vermeil, and more. She takes pride in always informing her prospective customers of all the materials that are used in a jewelry piece that she has made.

Holly happens to be quite a busy lady. Besides creating awesome pieces of jewelry she is the mother of two children who are both in college and she has 4 "fur" babies. She works full time but would love to be sucessful enough to bead all the time.

Holly was an art major in college where she learned all about colors and patterns which she uses in each piece that she creates. In short, Holly puts lots of time, effort, and love in every piece that she makes.

You can see for yourself all the beauty she has created by visiting:

If you have any questions that you'd like to ask Holly please contact her through her shops.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ajdjss Guild "Rock Red" Giveaway

Less that 1 week left to win the Ajdjss Guild "Rock Red" giveaway--check out the rules and prizes that you can win--hey you never know--you could be the "big" winner!

Scroll down below to get all the info and see the prizes!

Featured Studio of the Week: JSmaz

Our Featured Ajdjss Guild Studio of the week is JSmaz owned by Jeni Smathers. Jeni has been obsessed with creating with beads for over 12 years now and her bead addiction is still going strong.

The absolutely endless possibilities that there are when using all kinds of beads to create with is something that Jeni loves. Her mind is filled with so many ideas for designs that most of her work is either a "one of a kind" creation or a "limited run" one. Jeni really strives to create special pieces of jewelry that are unique and original for each customer to cherish.

When you visit her studio you will be delighted to see her lovely unique beaded designs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that Jeni also makes some really fabulous bracelets and necklaces for men. Kudos to her for designing unique and original pieces that are just for men.

Jeni's obsession with beads goes beyond the creation of new jewelry designs--she is also quite passionate about bringing "new life" to old and outdated pieces of jewelry, as well as, repairing broken jewelry that is still loved. So, if you need to breath new life into some old family pieces or are in need of some repairs just visit her studio and be sure to contact her.

Please visit http://jsmaz.artfire.com/ to view some really lovely and unique pieces of jewelry.
Feel free to contact Jeni through her studio with any questions or comments about her creations.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ajdjss Guild's First Blog Giveaway--Yes, it's Red Day!

June 1st at 5:00PM the Ajdjss Guild's first ever Blog Giveaway is not near--IT'S HERE!
And it's all about the color RED!!!
Red is powerful.
Red is bold.
Red is strong.
Red is passionate and
Red is romantic...

1.Nine Guild Jewelry Studios--9 pieces of RED jewelry--
2.Visit each studio with the special red item. Which do you think is the nicest?
3.Come back to our blog and comment the following: Studio name, name of red piece of jewelry, tell why you like it in detail, your name, your email address so we can contact you if you are the winner.

---You receive one entry for the above mentioned info.
---You receive another entry if you have a blog and you mention this giveaway on your blog with a link directly to our blog--must include your blog link so we can check it.
---You don't have a blog? Promote the item on twitter, facebook, google, thisnext.com etc--must include your link to the promotion and receive another enry.
---Buy one of the items and get 5 more entries---must include the info about order for us to check.

The "bounty" for this giveaway are 3 beautifully handcrafted items from our talented jewelry designers. A special handmade zippered jewelry bag, a Sterling Silver and Swarovski Clear crystal bracelet, and a bag of some fun charms to create with. Pictures to come...

This Bali sterling silver and Swarovski AB clear crystal bracelet was created and donated by Beadlady 5
These fun antique brass charms were provided by Beadlady5. Fabric zipper pouch will be made by libertydoll of artfire. She will work with you on your choice of fabrics. The pouch below is just an example and money is not included in the prize.
Here are your 9 RED links:
1. Carol
2. Dawn
3. Kathy
4. Dawn
5. Jerri
6. Joy
7. Kate
8. Laura
9. Jeanette

All participants who have entered the correct information from above will be placed in a pool using random integer generator.

You can contact me with all your info by clicking on Beadlady5 at the left side of this page or simply including all your info in your comment below.

GOT IT? Now let's Rock "RED" Good Luck to all. Contest ends June 19th at 12:00 Midnight!