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Guild Description:
Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
Guild Mission:
To gather together Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Studios for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, techniques, and strategies for promoting our Artfire Studios.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

September "Autumn Leaves" Guild Challenge

This latest guild challenge begins tonight at Midnight and will run until September 15th at midnight (EDT). The theme of this challenge is "Autumn Leaves"--Please interpret this in any way you would like. There are no limitations on your choice of supplies that you can use. You will have 3 weeks to enter this challenge and then voting for it will be done on our blogspot publically. I hope that you will find this a motivating and fun activity.

Featured Studio: NothingButString

NothingButString aka Emily is our featured studio this week. I hope you will agree that by far, this is one of the most unique and creative studios here on Artfire.

Read the shop announcement and you have to be utterly intrigued to look over the items of this unique shop. Here's the shop announcement:

"Whether it's beading, crocheting, knitting or sewing, it all has one thing in common, the thread that holds it all together. Here you'll find unique pieces and designs for both you and your home decor." And unique it is:

Sugar Cane Lady Bug Ring

Sugar and Spice Crocheted Bracelet

Steampunk Crocheted Choker Neclace

Each of these darling creations were made by crocheting with string--this is so totally awesome and yes, there's that word again "UNIQUE". You just can't help but be in awe of Emily's wonderful way with string.

The art of crocheting was taught to Emily by her grandmother, a very skilled lady who actually made beautiful dresses and other items for a living in Italy. Emily, your grandmother was a very good teacher because your skill at this craft is quite fabulous. It's really so nice to have this wonderful craft carried on from your grandmother's generation to your generation.
Emily also likes to work with beads. This came about a few years ago and you can see the evidence of her beading skills in a number of her "UNIQUE" creations.

And recently Emily started using a loom for some of her beading creations. In fact, she really has gotten "hooked" on using the loom. Emily says, "I love to use my loom best of all. I especially like to create beaded tapestries."
This is totally fabulous--it is a beaded tapestry of a Japanese Kimono--Ohhhhhh my goodness, look at the lovely beaded work in this wonderful piece--Emily you are to be commended for the absolute patience it took to create such a beautiful piece.
Yes, indeed this is definitely one of the most "UNIQUE" and creative studios here on Artfire.
Please make it your business to see it for yourself at:
If you have any questions, ideas, or custom orders please feel free to contact Emily in her studio.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Featured Guild Studio: BeadsByHaffina

This week's featured studio is "BeadsByHaffina" aka Haffina.

You are just gonna love visiting this studio. Haffina creates beads, buttons, cabochons, pendants, and clasps out of polymer clay. And , let me tell you that they are just fabulous. In what ways are they fabulous you ask? They are fabulous in colors, shapes, textures, and designs. Each piece that she has created is a "masterpiece" in clay.
When visiting this wonderful studio you can easily see that Haffina really loves creating beautiful pieces for making jewelry. It is definitely apparent that she puts a lot of love and effort into her fantastic pieces. She is inspired to design a piece by different things at different times. And, as you can see she is inspired quite often--which is great for all of us!

Haffina is quite an energetic lady. She better be since she is the mother of 5 children. Hey Haffina, how the "hell" do you have the time to create anything with 5 children "on board" the Haffina train?

But, she is not just a "mum" ( she's an Aussie, by golly) and a jewelry designer--Haffina has her fingers dipped into many activities. I will be out of breath by the time I finish telling you about these activites. Here goes...Haffina is the Guild Master of the Artfire Chainmaille Guild, she is a member of the Polymer Smooshers Guild ( oh, you figured that out already--great!), she is also a member of the Cafe Mom Team, and the We LoveArtfire Guild. Not finished yet--she is a columnist for the Craft Techniques Department of handmadenews.org., an aministrator on an online forum - Alundra's Conundrum, a moderator on the Handmade Artists Forum, and a member of BeadingForum dot com dot au. Okay, I am definitely out of breath--thank goodness I am sitting down! Hey Haffina, can you please send some of that energy over here to Staten Island,NY?

I am so impressed by all the different activities you are involved in. Bless you girl!!!
Haffina just loves all that she does--she is , with out a doublt, one lady who loves to be busy. Yea!!!

Come visit this fabulous studio for yourself and see all of the wonderful possibilities when creating with polymer clay.
Btw, custom orders are very welcome here.

If you have any questions for Haffina please contact her through her studio:


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Featured Studio: GravelRoadJewelry

I have the pleasure this week of talking about a truly unique and wonderful studio--Gravel Road Jewelry aka Bonnie. Here is a studio that is filled with so many creative jewelry pieces made from sterling silver wire wrapped with gemstones, crystals, and fancy glass.

You will find necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings all designed with unbelievably beautiful and intricate designs.

I love to visit Bonnie's studio, I am sooooo in awe of her artistry. I have been making jewelry for 5 years and I have never seen any wire wrapped pieces anywhere that can compare with Bonnie's designs and techniques. In my opinion "You are #1" in wire wrapping. Your intricate designs are lovely and your artistry is totally awesome.

It is amazing to me that Bonnie happens to be a self taught multimedia artist. From looking at her work I would think that she has taken numerous classes in jewelry techniques and design.

Bonnie had been creating jewelry for a number of years in many different forms. This is something that she really enjoys immensely. Well, anyone can see that enjoyment in each piece that she has in her studio.

Bonnie goes to great lengths to provide potential customers with beautiful and interesting pieces.
Each of her designs is created with the highest quality materials and are designed to be sturdy and durable to enjoy wearing for a lifetime.

If you have a special order just contact Gravel Road Jewelry--custom orders are quite welcome here.

Bring some visual pleasure to your life--visit this studio and you too will be in awe of great designs and wonderful artistry.

If you have any questions just contact Gravel Road Jewelry through her studio:

The 3 Guild "In The Garden" Challenge Favorite

After 2 weeks of promoting and public voting the 3 guild "in The Garden" Challenge is over and a favorite jewelry design has been picked. Of, course each and every design that was entered in this challenge from the very beginning has been a unique, creative, and lovely design.

So, if you entered a design PLEASE pat yourself on your shoulder, and say," I did a great job"! :o)

The favorite design is the "My Little Garden" Necklace by Cyndi Smith Designs, a member of the Artfire Jewelry Artisan Guild. Well, Cyndi congratulations are in order for being the most favorite designs out of 9 fabulous designs. Kudos to you!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Featured Studio: Libertydoll

It is with trememdous pleasure for me to announce our featured studio of the week: Libertydoll aka Marissa. Why is it my great pleasure you ask? Well, here goes... I joined Artfire in the middle of November and being an illerate computer person at that time it took me quite awhile to get used to alot of computer vernacular and other stuff. I remember that it was slow going. I also remember spending a lot of time on the chatterbox forums--there weren't that many sellers at that time so we really got to know one another. One evening when I was "surfing" the chatterbox forums I came across Libertydoll in need of help--It was when the shipping profiles were just set up. She was having a tough time trying to set it up and I offered her help. I think we were on-line talking on the forum and emailing each other back and forth for about 3 hours. She was so sweet that I couldn't leave her until she understood the whole listing process, even though I was totally exhausted.
To my surprise the next day I found a wonderful note from artfire about giving me a mentor button for taking so much time to help another artfire seller. So, if you happen to visit my studio you will indeed see my special mentor "award" is in honor of helping Marissa.
That was the beginning of a wonderful on-line friendship. I get a real kick out of our friendship since I will be approaching the ripe "over the hill' age of 60 in September and Marissa is young enough to be my daugher (she's 30). But we have helped each other in so many ways that the years do not seem to matter. She is my mentor for anything to do with the computer--she is so knowledgable and patient--I have become quite savy about working on the computer because of her. Thank you so very much Libertydoll--you really are a doll.

It certainly is a very pleasant experience to browse through Marissa's studio. She is a multi-talented crafter. Marissa has a wide variety of handmade items. You will find shop banners, logos, avatars, doll clothes, jewelry, drawstring pouches, polymer clay creations, zipper pouches, totes, bags, altered notebooks and many more items. If you need a custom made item just send her a message and she will work with you.

I am so impressed by her various talents. After knowing her for almost 9 months I have come to believe that she is capable of creating just about anything. Her mind is always filled with new ideas for creating. It is so great hearing her talk about what she is planning to make. I'm sure some of her enthusiam has to do with her youth--LOL.

Have you seen her zippered pouches? They are not only very useful but they are adorable too. Definitely a great gift as are the little drawstring pouches for jewelry items or anything that is special that you want to keep. I bought some to use for gift giving myself.
She also makes fabulous business card holders, cute doll clothes, and of course jewelry. Jewelry is a fairly new endeavor of hers and yet she is really doing a wonderful job with the combination of beads, colors, and lovely designs.
She is very demanding on herself to create as close to perfection as possible no matter what it is that she is creating.

On the personal side--Marissa served in the armed forces and was in Iraq. She is a single mother of a precious and vivacious 5 year old daughter. She is not only quite knowledgeable about the computer but is trained in graphic design--hence the avatars, logos, and shop banners.

Ya know, this is a great studio to buy lots of your Christmas gifts from because of the variety of items that she makes and her great prices.

Yea, this feature was like an advertisement for Libertydoll--I just can't help but be impressed by this young and multi-talented, genuinely kind and sweet artisan who I have a tremendous amount of respect for.

Do yourself a favor and visit her studio--I know you will be as impressed as I am about how multi-talented she is.

If you would like to talk with Libertydoll please contact her through her studi:

Hey, Libertydoll--You really are a doll!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Voting for the 3 Guild "In the Garden" Challenge

So, the three most voted "In the Garden" entires of our Ajdjss guild are now going up against the 3 most voted entries for this challenge from the Artfire Jewerly Artisan & Artfire Chainmaille guilds.
This is not an easy vote--all the entries are winners. But, alas it must be done as difficult as it is.
So, get on over to http://artfireguildchallenge.blogspot.com/ and caste your vote for the jewelry design that goes along eith the "In The Garden" theme.
Btw, be patient with the casting of a vote--it takes a bit of time.
Good luck to all the entrants.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Featured Studio: AlmondTree

Our featured Ajdjss Guild studio for this week is "almondtree" aka Ashley.
Ashley is quite a mult-talented artisan. She loves creating all kinds of arts and crafts items. Ashely says that the Chinese and Japanese arts and crafts are what she is drawn to the most.
I have to tell you about her studio. Anyone who visits her studio for the first time just has to be impressed by all of her different crafting creations. She is a jewelry designer, a painter, a photographer, and she can also sew. I don't know about any of you but I am certainly at awe with all of her talents.
Ashley likes to make pendants. When you see them you will definitely agree that they are really quite lovely. You can also see that she is not afraid to challenge herself when creating a new pendant. She can solder, cut glass, and wire wrap to make a pendant. Her collection of soldered glass and stained glass pendants are really beautiful. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. You have to just love all the lovely and delicate wire wrapped designs that she puts on these pendants. Sometimes she even puts some bead dangles that really enhance the pendant.
Ashley creates glass and gemstone pendants that she wire wraps with her lovely unique designs too.
These pendants alone are quite amazing but that's not all the jewelry that she creates. You will find an absolutely enchanting selection of earrings that are wire wrapped with lovely pearls and gemstones too. And some really sweet and whimsical phone charms to decorate your cell phone.
This artisan can sew too. She has some cute purse wristlets that would be great gifts for that younger girl you may know.
Guess what? There's still more! Ashley paints beautiful pictures with water colors and acrylic paints. She's a great photographer too. Many of her photos are made into prints to decorate a wall and she also uses her photographs to create cards.
When you visit her studio you will see that she has a link on the lower right side that says almondtree photos and art. Click on it to see her paintings and photos on
the "Red Bubble" web site.
And last, but certainly not least the "almondtree" studio also has a great selection of jewelry supplies that includes whimsical charms, findings, and beads.
Take a few minutes to visit this wonderful studio--you will really enjoy seeing Ashleys lovely handcrafted creations and as well as her selection of jewelry supplies.
If you have any comments or specfic questions please contact Ashley through her studio.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"In the Garden" Challenge

Our "In the Garden" Challenge has been one of our most actively participated guild activities so far. I'm so thrilled over all the different entries. Each one is unique and beautifully created.
To choose a favorite entry has proven to be a difficult decision for our guild members. That's prove that this guild is filled with truly talented jewelry artisans.
Voting started on August 1st and will continue through August 5th. The three most voted creations will then be entered in the 3 Guild Challenge competing with the 3 most voted items from the Artfire Jewelry Artisans Guild and the 3 most voted items from the Artfire Chainmaille Guild. The voting for this part of the challenge will begin on August 7th and end on August 14th. This vote will be a public vote and you will be able to cast your ballot on the Artfire Guild Challenge Blog which has been created by "AllWiredUpToo" the guild master of the Artfire Jewelry Artisan Guild.
Good luck to all! But know that each entry is indeed a winner!