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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Featured Studio: NothingButString

NothingButString aka Emily is our featured studio this week. I hope you will agree that by far, this is one of the most unique and creative studios here on Artfire.

Read the shop announcement and you have to be utterly intrigued to look over the items of this unique shop. Here's the shop announcement:

"Whether it's beading, crocheting, knitting or sewing, it all has one thing in common, the thread that holds it all together. Here you'll find unique pieces and designs for both you and your home decor." And unique it is:

Sugar Cane Lady Bug Ring

Sugar and Spice Crocheted Bracelet

Steampunk Crocheted Choker Neclace

Each of these darling creations were made by crocheting with string--this is so totally awesome and yes, there's that word again "UNIQUE". You just can't help but be in awe of Emily's wonderful way with string.

The art of crocheting was taught to Emily by her grandmother, a very skilled lady who actually made beautiful dresses and other items for a living in Italy. Emily, your grandmother was a very good teacher because your skill at this craft is quite fabulous. It's really so nice to have this wonderful craft carried on from your grandmother's generation to your generation.
Emily also likes to work with beads. This came about a few years ago and you can see the evidence of her beading skills in a number of her "UNIQUE" creations.

And recently Emily started using a loom for some of her beading creations. In fact, she really has gotten "hooked" on using the loom. Emily says, "I love to use my loom best of all. I especially like to create beaded tapestries."
This is totally fabulous--it is a beaded tapestry of a Japanese Kimono--Ohhhhhh my goodness, look at the lovely beaded work in this wonderful piece--Emily you are to be commended for the absolute patience it took to create such a beautiful piece.
Yes, indeed this is definitely one of the most "UNIQUE" and creative studios here on Artfire.
Please make it your business to see it for yourself at:
If you have any questions, ideas, or custom orders please feel free to contact Emily in her studio.


Kay Sommers said...

I love NothingButString works! I've been eyeballing her rings :D They are all so cute!!

Moonlight Eternal said...

She makes me want to try knitting and crocheting again (even though I never got it right!).

Beadlady5 said...

I find that Emily's creations are so sweet and am at awe of her fabulous crocheting skills.
Kudos to you for your unique designs. :o)

Jeni said...

Emily, your creations are so cute! I absolutely adore your loomed kimono-fantastic! I'll have to leave the crochet to you-I just can't get my head around it.

a_toy50 said...
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Suzanne Stevens Creates said...

It's always exciting to see someone who can take crocheting to a new, creative level. Lovely work, my Grandmother would love it, too!

almondtree said...

Beautiful crochet jewellery :)

Aridan Fashions said...

Oh my goodness, I can't imagine the patience and talent it takes to make these lovely items. Congratulations on being the Featured Studio of the Week, Emily!

Creations With Heart said...

Your work is beautiful and imaginative! The details you put into your pieces are amazing! I love the sugar can lady bug ring!
Much success to you!
~Julie =]

brokenwing/tanglez59/Peggy said...

Such an incredible talent and creative mind! I love NothingButStrings! Amazing work!

Emily said...

I just wanted to thank all of you for the kind words. I'm blushing something awful.

GemKitty75 said...

She has such innovative ideas. I love the crochet bracelets! She is very deserving of being our featured studio!

Il Mare Atelier said...

Emily's art is impressive...in fact, her crochet brings nature to life! You can wear a flower with a ladybird accent on your finger and never worry that it will wither!


libertydoll said...

She has a ring I am interested in. It's very pretty and she is very talented!