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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Featured Studio: AlmondTree

Our featured Ajdjss Guild studio for this week is "almondtree" aka Ashley.
Ashley is quite a mult-talented artisan. She loves creating all kinds of arts and crafts items. Ashely says that the Chinese and Japanese arts and crafts are what she is drawn to the most.
I have to tell you about her studio. Anyone who visits her studio for the first time just has to be impressed by all of her different crafting creations. She is a jewelry designer, a painter, a photographer, and she can also sew. I don't know about any of you but I am certainly at awe with all of her talents.
Ashley likes to make pendants. When you see them you will definitely agree that they are really quite lovely. You can also see that she is not afraid to challenge herself when creating a new pendant. She can solder, cut glass, and wire wrap to make a pendant. Her collection of soldered glass and stained glass pendants are really beautiful. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. You have to just love all the lovely and delicate wire wrapped designs that she puts on these pendants. Sometimes she even puts some bead dangles that really enhance the pendant.
Ashley creates glass and gemstone pendants that she wire wraps with her lovely unique designs too.
These pendants alone are quite amazing but that's not all the jewelry that she creates. You will find an absolutely enchanting selection of earrings that are wire wrapped with lovely pearls and gemstones too. And some really sweet and whimsical phone charms to decorate your cell phone.
This artisan can sew too. She has some cute purse wristlets that would be great gifts for that younger girl you may know.
Guess what? There's still more! Ashley paints beautiful pictures with water colors and acrylic paints. She's a great photographer too. Many of her photos are made into prints to decorate a wall and she also uses her photographs to create cards.
When you visit her studio you will see that she has a link on the lower right side that says almondtree photos and art. Click on it to see her paintings and photos on
the "Red Bubble" web site.
And last, but certainly not least the "almondtree" studio also has a great selection of jewelry supplies that includes whimsical charms, findings, and beads.
Take a few minutes to visit this wonderful studio--you will really enjoy seeing Ashleys lovely handcrafted creations and as well as her selection of jewelry supplies.
If you have any comments or specfic questions please contact Ashley through her studio.


Beadlady5 said...

Ashley, it was a pleasure getting to know you through your studio and your creations. You are a very talented artisan.

Il Mare Atelier said...

There is a very distinct look and feel about Ashley's stained glass and soldered pendants. I can recognise them from miles away! :-)

Gemlover said...

Great work with an insight in artistry.

almondtree said...

Margo, you are very good at doing write ups, thanks for the wonderful article for the feature :)
Thank you

Gravel Road Jewelry said...

Hi Ashley! Conrgratulations on the feature...it is well deserved! I love all of your stained glass pieces, they are so beautiful!
~Bonnie :)

Mountaindreamers said...

lovely wire work with your stained glass, congratulations on being featured this month

susan fyfe said...

Congratulations on being featured. You have beautiful things that have your own stamp on them.

Emily said...

I just love all the wire work. So well done. Congrats on being featured.

MikiCatDesigns said...

I love those Paisley earrings, Ashley. Very pretty as are many of your items. Congrats on the feature!

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

I love the stained glass pendants..! Very creative...!

Cindy said...

I do admire her stained glass wire wrapped jewelry. Very talented individual!! Great write up too!

Creations With Heart said...

Your shop is a joy to look through! You've got so many goodies! I must say that I love your wire work too! You do a beautiful job!
~Julie =]

libertydoll said...

She has alot of really really nice stuff. I think I am going to put a bug in Santa's ear that instead of working the elves to hard just shop at your store and send about half of it to me. I love your items