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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ajdjss Guild's First Blog Giveaway--Yes, it's Red Day!

June 1st at 5:00PM the Ajdjss Guild's first ever Blog Giveaway is not near--IT'S HERE!
And it's all about the color RED!!!
Red is powerful.
Red is bold.
Red is strong.
Red is passionate and
Red is romantic...

1.Nine Guild Jewelry Studios--9 pieces of RED jewelry--
2.Visit each studio with the special red item. Which do you think is the nicest?
3.Come back to our blog and comment the following: Studio name, name of red piece of jewelry, tell why you like it in detail, your name, your email address so we can contact you if you are the winner.

---You receive one entry for the above mentioned info.
---You receive another entry if you have a blog and you mention this giveaway on your blog with a link directly to our blog--must include your blog link so we can check it.
---You don't have a blog? Promote the item on twitter, facebook, google, thisnext.com etc--must include your link to the promotion and receive another enry.
---Buy one of the items and get 5 more entries---must include the info about order for us to check.

The "bounty" for this giveaway are 3 beautifully handcrafted items from our talented jewelry designers. A special handmade zippered jewelry bag, a Sterling Silver and Swarovski Clear crystal bracelet, and a bag of some fun charms to create with. Pictures to come...

This Bali sterling silver and Swarovski AB clear crystal bracelet was created and donated by Beadlady 5
These fun antique brass charms were provided by Beadlady5. Fabric zipper pouch will be made by libertydoll of artfire. She will work with you on your choice of fabrics. The pouch below is just an example and money is not included in the prize.
Here are your 9 RED links:
1. Carol
2. Dawn
3. Kathy
4. Dawn
5. Jerri
6. Joy
7. Kate
8. Laura
9. Jeanette

All participants who have entered the correct information from above will be placed in a pool using random integer generator.

You can contact me with all your info by clicking on Beadlady5 at the left side of this page or simply including all your info in your comment below.

GOT IT? Now let's Rock "RED" Good Luck to all. Contest ends June 19th at 12:00 Midnight!


libertydoll said...

We hope that you will find this contest a little bit of fun while learning a little more about the fabulous studios in our guild.
ta,ta Beadlady5

Studio On The Hill said...

I looked at all of the wonderful red items. We have some very talented jewelry artisans. It was very hard to pick just one.

My vote goes to Libra Gear Chainmaille with her Coral and Turquoise Mobius Necklace (id#109143). I was drawn to this piece as it is one that I would wear personally. Her workmanship in wire wrapping is excellent and the repurposing of the coral focal piece gets two green thumbs up. The adjustability for length makes it very versatile. A very cool design!

Karen Eckel, Studio On The Hill

Alisuns said...

I really wanted my favorite to be either Joy's or Laura's: they were two of my first friends on AF. But it wasn't. It is JewelrybyJanzia (Jeanette)'s Ruby Red bracelet. I came close to hotlisting it the first time I saw it, but I can't spend money right now. I like its bold simplicity.
Alisun, Alisuns
email: AlisunRiggs@comcast.net
blog: www.alisuns.blogspot.com

Alisuns said...

When does the contest end?

HaffinaCreations said...

My vote goes to Laura (LadedaCreations). Her Mysterious Red Planet Adjustable Ring is so bold and unique. It is a real statement piece. The finishing on the piece is quite exceptional too.

SiSi said...

Awesome, I am very excited about this!:)

My vote goes to: Caly's Jewelry Creations with 'My Little Red Heart' It caught my attention because it's very simple looking and gorgeous! It looks like something I can wear with jeans or a Sunday dress, great job Caly!

I blogged about this too, you can find it at: http://origamibysisi.blogspot.com/2009/06/giveaway-from-ajdjss.html

I tweeted this as well:

Blog: www.origamibysisi.blogspot.com
E-mail: sihuivice@yahoo.com
Artfire: origamibysisi.artfire.com

Beadlady5 said...

What a great selection to pick from--which really makes it a problem--less is easier to decide from--
I'm thinking about it!

Aik said...

Studio name : JewelrybyJanzia

Name of red piece of jewelry :
Ruby Red Bracelet

Tell why you like it in detail:
It's simple and beautiful. The red Celestial crystal cubes fit the bracelet well and this creates a wonderful view of it. I'm sure it'll be awesome to wear this bracelet.


Aik said...

~Happily tweeted!~



SpunSister Designs said...

Definitely a great way to be "seeing red!"

Justina said...

What a great way to showcase everyone's talents. I love Joy's Cantianalife Lampwork Silver Foil Red Galss bracelet. Red is a great colour and it is a piece that would be easy to work in with any outfit.

DG said...

JewelrybyJanzia Ruby Red bracelet is my favorite. I not only love the color but the way the crystal cubes are assembled is gorgeous! I also really like the name.Ruby Red sounds so delicious! :)


noble beeyotch said...

wow!...this was a difficult choice. But my favorite has to be Jewelry by Janzia's http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&op=listing&product_id=83592. I love how the red has a classy copperish tinge to it and it looks far more expensive than its $16s.


eclecticgayle said...

have 3 faves,but if have to choose one then it is Kate's studio, Libra Gear...coral and turquoise chainmaille necklace...

why?....the necklace is bold,unique,has a nicely balanced design and the colors are complementary colors...a piece I would wear...

gayle at goodeyephotos@yahoo.com

and at artisangoodsbygayle.artfire.com

thanks for giveaway!...ends 2 days before my birthday *smile*

Abby said...

Laura studio, adjustable red planet ring, vibrant and bold red also adjustable to ones finger, Abby, peters.ab0124@gmail.com

Deb said...

Wow. This was a really hard choice!! I really really love the Red Hot Summer Bracelet from Carol Jean's Creations, and also the Indian Red Swarovski Chandelier Earrings from Gem Kitty, and My Little Red Heart from Caly's Jewelry Creations, oh and the Ruby Red Bracelet from Jewelry by Janzia. They are ALL lovely but these really stood out, at least for me.

But the one I picked as the "best of the best" was The Swirl Necklace from Gems by Jerri. I just love how colorful and cheery it is. It looks good enough to eat!! What I like about it is that it would be oh so perfect for summer evenings AND you could also wear it at Christmas because of the peppermint candy look. Love it!

Kaylarae said...

Love the Carol Jean Red Hot summer bracelet.. a very luminous red color, set off by that pearly silver color is absolutely stunning. What a
great holiday and all around the year piece :)

smtracyt at hotmail dot com

heavens earth said...

This is such a fun contest, it was great getting to check out all the wonderful studio's! I love Joy's lampwork bracelet! :)

djStoreRoom said...

Studio name: CarolJeansCreations
Name of red piece of jewelry: Red Hot Summer Bracelet

Tell why you like it in detail: I love that the red acrylic rubberized beads practically pop out of the picture!! They look really neat!! I love toggle closures! They are so easy to use... Plus, the cute little flip flops.. reminds me of my own flip flops.. My DH and I got them in the same design ~ aka lovers flip flops..

Your name: Diana
Your email address: djstoreroom@gmail.com