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Our guild represents a wide variety of jewelry artists with unique talents and techniques, as well as the suppliers of beads and beading supplies.
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To gather together Jewelry Design and Jewelry Supply Studios for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, techniques, and strategies for promoting our Artfire Studios.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Featured Studio of the Week: JSmaz

Our Featured Ajdjss Guild Studio of the week is JSmaz owned by Jeni Smathers. Jeni has been obsessed with creating with beads for over 12 years now and her bead addiction is still going strong.

The absolutely endless possibilities that there are when using all kinds of beads to create with is something that Jeni loves. Her mind is filled with so many ideas for designs that most of her work is either a "one of a kind" creation or a "limited run" one. Jeni really strives to create special pieces of jewelry that are unique and original for each customer to cherish.

When you visit her studio you will be delighted to see her lovely unique beaded designs for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants. You will also be pleasantly surprised to discover that Jeni also makes some really fabulous bracelets and necklaces for men. Kudos to her for designing unique and original pieces that are just for men.

Jeni's obsession with beads goes beyond the creation of new jewelry designs--she is also quite passionate about bringing "new life" to old and outdated pieces of jewelry, as well as, repairing broken jewelry that is still loved. So, if you need to breath new life into some old family pieces or are in need of some repairs just visit her studio and be sure to contact her.

Please visit http://jsmaz.artfire.com/ to view some really lovely and unique pieces of jewelry.
Feel free to contact Jeni through her studio with any questions or comments about her creations.


Beadlady5 said...

It is a pleasure to visit your studio with all it's lovely pieces. Just love the men's jewelry!

bijouxdesignsforyou said...

What a fantastic studio. It was so nice to learn more about you and your work.

Anonymous said...

Nice studio. Great stuff.

Cindy said...

She does have nice things for men. Great to know!! Wonderful sturdio!

libertydoll said...

She has some really beautiful items. This would be a great place for a man to shop for a woman!

Shell said...

Beautiful work Jeni! I've posted a link to your shop on my blogger.