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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Featured Studio: Jewels Out Of Time--PegM

This weeks featured studio is "Jewels Out of Time" aka PegM. This is a studio that is filled with lovely handmade jewelry as well as beads and pendants.
According to Peg the name of her studio came about when she had a booth along with her husband in an antique shop in York, PA. Most of the items in the booth were vintage and Peg thought of them as gems from the past.
So that thought "morfed" into "Jewels Out of Time".

Peg admits to being a "manic bead collector"--Hmmm that surely sounds quite familiar, doesn't it? Peg, you are definitely in good company here at the Ajdjss Guild--LOL!
Since 1996 Peg has been buying beads and making jewelry. So, what started this "manic" behavior? It seems that Peg went to an estate auction and couldn't resist buying 3 one gallon bags--yep, you read it right--3 one gallon bags of vintage glass and crystal necklaces. Oh boy, talk about a lot of beads!
This purchase certainly kept her busy with sorting this "cache". There was jewelry that was intact and there was lots of jewelry in need of repairs. Most of the repairs were badly needed restringing and lengthening. So now Peg had a real mission. She was in need of jewelry supplies and tools for the job and a jewelry book to teach her what she had to do. And that is how this "manic" collecting of beads started.
Peg admits that her home studio "runneth over" with beads. Beads that have been bought in shops and at shows locally and in her travels from Maine to Wyoming.

Here are some of the lovely handmade jewelry pieces in "Jewels out of Time".

And here are some of the fabulous beads and pendants found in "Jewels Out of Time":

Now, is a great time to stop by "Jewels Out of Time" to see the lovely pieces of jewelry and beads found here because all the necklaces have been reduced in price by 15% for the Artfire "HoliDeals" promotion. Now that is a great deal.

Come for a visit and leave a comment for PegM:


Ajdjss Guild said...

Congrats on being our featured studio of the week--It is a pleasure having you as a member of our guild. You are so good at helping promote your guild members on the artfire threads.
Margo :o)

SpunSister Designs said...

Three one-gallon bags!! LOL! Well it sure has paid off! Lovely work.

Mountaindreamers said...

Really nice pieces , especially the red earrings .

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Congrats on being featured! Lovely article and beautiful creations!

Il Mare Atelier said...

Great feature! I'm sure my beads stash is growing to becoming a gallon too, lol!

Suzanne Stevens Creates said...

Bead Mania...I relate! I'd drool over 3 one gallon bags of 'em! Congrats, Peg!

Creations With Heart said...

Love the name and love the unique jewels! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with waaaay too many beads!! Sometimes you just can't resist!
Much success to you!
~Julie =]

janzia said...

Awesome work. Love the last bracelet shown and the silver flower earrings!