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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guild Vote for Our Next Promotion

A number of our guild members have suggested that we have a special promotion for a donation to one of the many wonderful causes that help with research, etc. Below is a list of causes that are well known to us that you can vote for by commenting below this post.

1. Breast Cancer
2. Heart Assoc.
3. Humane Society
4. Alzheimers
5. An Animal Shelter
6. Cancer
7.March of Dimes
8.Women's Shelter

Please contact me if you want a specific agency listed on this list.

Thanks, Margo :o)


Beadlady5 said...

My vote is for the Heart Assoc.

Anonymous said...

Any would be fine with me but if I had to choose I'd say either Breast Cancer or Alzheimer's.

Scarlet Leonard said...

I vote Breast cancer.

Moonlight Eternal said...

I'd say Humane Society or an animal shelter

Lithos Designs said...

My vote is for an animal shelter. They are really in need right now. People are dumping their pets due to economic reasons, but donations and goverment funding are down.

WillowWalker said...

I can't decide! I wish we could help them all! I think I agree with helping the humane society. Because they rely on donations and with where the economy is right now they are hurting.

Creations With Heart said...

How can you decide? Hmmm... I'm a huge animal lover and I'd like to see donations go to the Humane Society and Animal Shelters. What about donating to all of them? Not at once, but somewhere down the line we can hit all of them? Just a thought...
~Julie =]

Mountaindreamers said...

I like animal shelters as the animals have a hard time advocating for themselves. On Breast cancer , ladies do you know your vitamin D level, many are very deficient and it is a vitamin that helps in cancer prevention. ; )

Beadlady5 said...

Hey Laura--
Thanks for the important info.
margo :o)

Creatively Jeweled said...

I vote for Heart Disease Assoc.

♥Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women.
♥Nearly one-third of all female deaths each year are from heart disease.
♥Six times as many women die from heart attacks as from breast cancer.
A lot more factual information on women and heart disease can be found in the listing I have for a pair of earrings I call MY MOTHER'S HEART....http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&op=listing&product_id=181380

libertydoll said...

I would love to pick all of them but my first would be animal shelter

ReyerWare said...

They are all great causes and should all be be given donations. My first choice is cancer as that nasty thing has taken most of my family with the latest being my mom in 2003.

My suggestion would be to start at the top and rotate every 3, 6 or 12 months. Thus, being a well rounded giving group.

Just my 2 cents.

susan fyfe said...

I would have to say that they are all worthy causes. My mother is a recent survivor of breast cancer. I'm a big animal advocate.
I think it would be more than fair to donate to each one as they are listed. Start at the top and work our way down. They're all so deserving!

Aridan Fashions said...

I vote for Breast Cancer. Although I will be happy for animal shelters or Humane Society to be chosen as well. I volunteer for a local no kill shelter in my community.

Suzbax said...

I agree that they are all worthy causes and each of us probably has someone in our family that was affected by one of them. The animal shelters are a good idea but then which one do we pick to donate to. The other orgs at least have a national branch we can donate to. I am fine with whatever the group votes for.

Cindy said...

I agree that all are very important causes. I can't seem to pick just one. I say in time we can donate to all of them. Maybe we can start with the ones that people voted here first and then streamline down. I don't know if once a month can be a little overwhelming, maybe spread it out.

Suzanne Stevens Creates said...

I'd like to vote for an animal shelter. A good choice would be Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah. Easy to find if you google it.