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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Featured Studio: DesertRubble

The featured studio for this week is "Desert Rubble" aka Lyn. This is by far one of the most unique and interesting studios in our guild. The creations showcased here are far from the ordinary and just absolutely fabulous.
Lyn creates with polymer clay however her creations are definitely not your usual polymer clay creations. I have to admit that I am in tremendous awe of her skill with clay.
She creates pieces that are in the steampunk, gothic, and industrial genres that have become extremely popular. Actually Lyn refers to her style of as "Industrial Surrealism"--whoa!!!---that's certainly a mouthful.
Come to visit "Desert Rubble" and you will find pendants that are dragonflies, eyeballs, wings, hearts, gears, butterflies and a whole lot of other very interesting things made with polymer clay.
Lyn is a self taught obsessive crafter--I guess that's why she is such a good fit with the members of our guild. :o)
She has done everything from cross stitch and crochet to scroll sawing, designing and making painted wood crafts, to all manner of concrete crafts.
Lyn says that she still loves her scroll saw but polymer clay is definitely her current obsession. She also says that she knows that she will be continuing to evolve as an artisan. So I guess what we see now is not all that we are going to see "coming from her".
I guess this is a good time to see what makes "Desert Rubble" far from the ordinary and just absolutely fabulous:

Can this all really be polymer clay, or is Lyn "pulling" our legs?
Please treat yourself to a visual delight and visit "Desert Rubble" to see Lyn's fabulous polymer clay creations and take a moment to show your support of her studio by leaving a comment at the end of this article.


Ajdjss Guild said...

Hey Lyn--
Your creations are really the "BOMB"--you rock darlin'
ttyl, :o)

Anonymous said...

The chick's crazy-brilliant! LOVE IT!--Em

Desert Rubble said...

Wow, you guys are amazing! To pick me out of so many uber talented artists, really, I am speechless, thankyou so much, YOU guys all rock =)

averilpam said...

Lyn, your creations are really amazing, you are very talented :)

WhosMaru said...

Such a unique shop and talent, it was like going to an art gallery and contemplating each piece created with the details:)
Wonderfully breathtaking!!!

Picklevalentinevintagebeads said...

Lyn, I love your what you do. You have so much talent and creativity. Just awesome! ~~~ Libby

JewelsOutofTime. said...

Lyn - Your work is some of the most original jewelry I've seen....anywhere. I had already put your Raven on my Amazon wish list. Will definitely be promoting you on my FB page.

You have a creative mind that definitely steps outside the box.

Bella Angel Craft said...

Amazing pieces! I love the dragonflys - hard to believe these are polymer clay. The little gingerbread dude - Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pieces of art. Beautifully created. Thank you for sharing.

Silverbirch Designs said...

As I said in the Chatterbox forums, I love your work! You have a definite gift and you use it to the fullest. Although I love it all, I especially am drawn to the dragon jewelry and the dragonflies, though I'm also partial to hummingbirds. :) Just Stunning! :D

Anonymous said...

Now I found a new LOVE! Thank you for sharing Lyn's BEAUTIFUL talent! I'm going to drool some more right now!

Il Mare Atelier said...

Incredibly amazing work!

Mountaindreamers said...

I think you must have dreams about these designs! I love the hummingbird pendent! great work1