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Monday, November 8, 2010

Featured Studio--PickleValentineVintageBeads

This week the featured studio is "PickleValentineVintageBeads" aka Libby.
This is a studio that is filled with the most fabulous and lovely vintage beads. I am very partial to vintage beads myself so visiting "PickleValentineVintageBeads" is quite a treat and a pleasure for me. I find that when I am in this studio I am just about drooling from all the fabulous beads.

'PickleValentineVintageBeads' specializes in vintage glass beads for jewelry making and also for jewelry restoration. However, you will also find cabochons, buttons, findings, and other wonderful finds here too.

Libby admits to being a bead junkie for most of her life. She has haunted garage sales, thrifts, estate sales, auctions, swap meets, LBS in every town, church rummage sales...you name it. Libby says that she knows the pain and joy of paying more than she ever intended and eating eggs and tofu for one week straight. I guess you can say that she is as close to being a bead harlot as one can get.

Btw, when you visit this studio you really have to read the bio information. Libby talks about some interesting things about vintage beads and you will probably have a new feeling about them.

Let's take a look at some of the wonderful items that you will find in this fabulous studio:

Please take a few minutes to visit "PickleValentineVintageBeads" to feast your eyes on the wonderful vintage beads and more that is showcased there.
And don't forget to leave a comment in support of Libby and her wonderful studio.


Ajdjss Guild said...

Boy Libby, I sure do love your beads--I really have such fun looking at all your vintage goodies.

Anonymous said...

Heading over now! Libby, I've loved shop for a long time--it's the name that always makes me grin :) Em

Creative Treasures by Donna said...

Libby has lovely beads! It's hard to resist buying more beads!

Gravel Road Jewelry said...

What a lovely selection of beautiful vintage beads and a great feature too ... :)

Desert Rubble said...

I just visited PickleValentineVintageBeads artfire shop and vintage beads are like a whole new world for me, what a great shop she has!

jstinson said...

As I am new to this guild, I was not familar with this Artfire seller. I look forward to surfing her store and extend my congratulations for being selected as the Featured Studio.
Best wishes.

KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Congratulations on being our featured studio of the week! Your studio has a wonderful selection of beads.

Stacey said...

What gorgeous beads and such a huge variety! Love your shop!

JewelsOutofTime said...

Your studio is dangerous for me. My bead mania started with vintage crystal and glass bead necklaces. I have a hard time leaving but my stash runith over.

Now I have to pick which ones I'll promote on FB.

Have a great holliday season.

Glass and Wire Gems said...

WOW, Libby. Great collection of unique and beautiful beads. You're shop is great. Heading back to explore some more.

Anonymous said...

I love vintage beads. I have so many and I never use them. Love your shop and your beads are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Libby! I love your beads and can see some really nice things to buy on my future shopping spreeeee! Will tweet and post on FB to share with my beadie friends and the LIKE!

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Gorgeous beads...! I am envious of the knowledge of beads you must have..!I'd love to know all about them...!

Jeni said...

Love those vintage buttons (among many other things). Congrats on being featured!

WhosMaru said...

Libby I love your selection of beads and enjoyed visiting your shop:) I've used vintage beads in many of my past designs and must say I learned so much in reading your bio~
Thank you for sharing!!!!

JewelsOutofTime said...

Ha!, I knew that crow wouldn't last long.