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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Featured Studio: Ladybeadjewelry

This week our featured guild studio is "LadyBeadJewelry" aka Rose Elliot.
LadyBeadJewelry is quite a unique studio because it specializes in fabulous and sparkly "barefoot" jewelry. Yep, "barefoot" jewelry made with crystals and pearls--ooo la la!

Ladybeadjewelry will customize a piece that is made to your own personal specifications using the crystals and pearls you want to match your attire.

Rose has been creating "barefoot" jewelry for 10 years now (since 2000) and in 2001 she opened her own website, "Ladybead.com".
In 2004 Rose began creating pieces to dress up your boots too. This was a great idea since you can't go barefoot all the time. :o)

When you visit this unique studio you will also see that fabulous jewelry for your feet
are not the only beautiful pieces showcased here. Rose also creates lovely pieces for your wrist and your neck too.

Let's take a peek now of some of the lovely and unique pieces of jewelry found in "Ladybeadjewelry".

Stop by "Ladybeadjewerly" to see all the beautiful and sparkling pieces yourself--it is a definite pleasure.
You are invited to leave a special comment in support of this guild studio here.
If you have any questions for Rose please contact her through her studio:


Ajdjss Guild said...

Hey Rose--
Your studio is lovely--I love your barefoot jewelry--so sexy...:o)

Mountaindreamers said...

Hi Rose, your work inspires the delicate in life. It has a touch of the exotic Eastern feel ! I can see beautiful ladies dancing gracefully with colorful saris and your lovely foot wear. great Job!

Links of London said...

Hello, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you have a great post! Really nice, Thanks for sharing.

Catherine said...

Beautiful designs!!! I agree - very exotic looking :)

Anonymous said...

Boy, if you have pretty feet or know someone who does, you want to shop at Ladybeadjewelry!

Do you bellydance? This barefoot jewelry would be a great addition to your costume.

Rose, you have found yourself a definit niche. Way to go girl.

JewelsOutofTime said...

Must have missed the right check box. I'm NOT anonymous!

Picklevalentinevintagebeads said...

Rose, Your jewelry is gorgeous and sexy. I never knew feet could be so erotic. I really loved looking through your studio!

I used to belly dance and would have adored wearing your foot jewelry! And don't everyone laugh; it's great exercise!

Stacey said...

Hi Rose! Your jewelry is lovely! I think of somewhere warm (temperature) and spicy when I look at it! Beautiful beadweaving techniques, BTW.

KatsAllThat Artisan Jewelry said...

Hi Rose,
Lovely foot jewelry!! My feet are anything but beautiful but with your jewelry...they could really wow!!
Congratulations on being our featured studio!

Desert Rubble said...

What an awesome line of jewelry, I love it! It's all so delicate and feminine, and I agree sexy, what an amazing shop =)

Maru said...

What a wonderful talent, perfect for bridal wear, very sexy indeed!
Your shop is beautiful and your designs are stunning. Congrats on being featured, wishing you all the best for your shop~
Thank you Margo for sharing these fabulous artisans!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Lovely designs.

Anonymous said...

Shared this lovely shop Rose! I have always admired your work and I'm honored to share you with the world I know. Thank you for bringing us truely UNIQUE jewelry for our always forgoted toes & feet. They sure don't get the deserving attention a whole lot, but you bring it all possible for sure.

Anonymous said...

ok, can I spell FORGOTEN?

BerylBlue said...

Amazing stuff - very creative!

cjshogren said...

These are really pretty! Love the exotic feel of them. And P.S....how do your feet look so nice in the winter?????

Anonymous said...

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